1 Principles and values.

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to mark the ethical and action principles with which the Mercantil SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. is committed. As well as its employees and managers in the development of their professional performance.

SAME SHIP SUPLIERS, S.L. understands that ethical business behavior is an essential requirement to guarantee and safeguard the balance between the rights of interested parties and society in general, being indispensable to fulfill its objectives.

Ethical behavior requires compliance with the legal rules and regulations applicable at all times, as well as internal rules and codes of conduct and good practices that SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. adopt voluntarily.

 This commitment is summarized in the following Principles:

  • Integrity and responsibility.
  • Warranty and customer service.
  • Respect for human rights.
  • Relationship and relationship with society and the environment.
  • Respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable development.

2 Ethical and responsible action

The business principles and values described above constitute the reference that should inspire the conduct of the employees and executives of SAME SHIP SUPLIERS, S.L., as well as any natural or legal person that represents it.

An ethical and responsible action must contemplate the following aspects:

  • Perform commercial operations, as well as any other activity, in an honest, complete, professional and transparent manner.
  • Comply with and enforce the applicable laws and regulations at any time and place, as well as the rules of internal behavior and any others that are voluntarily adopted.
  • Maintain due diligence for the prevention, detection and eradication of any irregular conduct.

2.1 Employees and managers

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. Its principle and commitment is to treat with dignity, respect, equality and justice all the people who carry out their activity in the company environment and in their sphere of influence.

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. guarantees that:

  • Working conditions are safe and healthy for all employees.
  • The work environment is free from all forms of violence, harassment or abuse at work, maintaining prevention, detection and resolution procedures.
  • Professional development and promotion of employees are developed.
  • Do not admit any type of forced labor or use child labor.

Therefore, SAME SHIP SUPPLIRS, S.L. It requires its employees and managers:

  1. Protect and improve the good image and corporate reputation of the company by exercising its functions in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.
  2. Comply with and enforce the laws in force at all times, as well as this Code of Ethics and any other rules of action and behavior that the Entity assumes as its own.
  3. Treat their partners with dignity, respect, equality and justice, without consenting to any discrimination.
  4. Promote a work environment free of all forms of violence, harassment or abuse.
  5. Report on the established channels of situations potentially contrary to the principles and values ​​of the Entity.
  6. Make good use of the material and technical resources that are made available to you.
  7. Address the defense of the interests of the company in the performance of all its work activities.
  8. Respect, protect and help protect their own and others’ industrial and intellectual property.
  9. Exercise your activity in mental conditions not affected by the consumption of substances that hinder good professional performance.

2.2 Customers

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. establishes as a fundamental pillar of its commercial policy to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and offer the highest level of service, specialization, quality and guarantee through the offer of products and services that optimize your purchase decision, according to your needs and interests .

Consequently, employees and managers will always act with responsibility, commitment and maximum respect, having as a priority to achieve excellence in customer service, as well as in the quality and safety of products and services offered.

2.3 Suppliers and business partners

Relations with suppliers will be developed within a framework of transparent collaboration that allows and facilitates the achievement of mutual objectives, always within compliance with current legislation.

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. it requires all its business partners, suppliers and operators in the supply chain to assume and comply with the ethical principles and responsible action set forth in this code, as applicable.

In order to establish mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers and business partners, SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L., its employees and managers, commit to:

  1. Maintain maximum collaboration and loyalty, respecting and ensuring that the agreements agreed upon are respected.
  2. Collaborate exclusively with suppliers and business partners that respect the dignity of people and human rights, comply with the laws and accept the ethical and behavioral code of SAME SHIP SUPPLIRS, SL, preventing the reputation of the entity.
  3. Use the quality criteria to select the products and services we offer, as well as the manufacturing and distribution conditions.
  4. Develop the relationship between the employees of the company, its suppliers and its external collaborators, in a framework of trust and mutual collaboration, in favor of transparency, efficiency, quality and cost, avoiding any treatment of favor for personal matters.

2.4 Relations with Public Administrations and Regulatory Bodies

The employees and managers of SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. will interact and interact with public authorities and institutions in a lawful and respectful manner under the principles of cooperation and transparency.

No employee or manager of SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. will make payments of facilitation or expediting of procedures, in cash or another object of value, before any judicial body, public administration or official body.

2.5 Public and private institutions and organizations

It collaborates with entities and non-governmental organizations dedicated to improving the levels of social care of disadvantaged people and in situations of need.

3 Corporate social responsibility, environment and environment

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. recognizes Corporate Social Responsibility as part of its management strategy, competitiveness factor and fundamental element of the policy of linking with society. In addition, it assumes its commitment as a socially responsible entity seeking a constant and fluid relationship with all its stakeholders. Also, SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. It is committed to the continuous improvement of its management, developing a sustainable business in both the social and environmental fields.

Therefore, employees and managers must:

  • Know and apply the social responsibility and sustainability policies that emanate from the Entity’s Management.
  • Develop your work activity trying to minimize the environmental impacts that could be generated. For this, they will collaborate in the processes of waste reduction, as well as in the minimization of energy expenditure and consumption of fuels, water and materials.

4 Innovation

Our constant search for innovation aims at satisfying the changing needs of customers at all times, taking into account their concerns and expectations. Employees and managers should contribute positively to the innovation and improvement processes that are developed in their respective areas.

5 Integrity, corporate transparency and fair competition

Integrity: SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. does not accept or offer, either directly or indirectly, any type of advantages of doubtful nature or gifts to obtain an economic or commercial benefit. No employee or manager will accept or offer any kind of prize, or gift, interested hospitality or favor treatment for these purposes.

Any request or offer of this type must be communicated to the address. As an exception, management may consider gifts or gifts offered as prizes for the work and work performed, although they must be expressly approved.

Transparency: Financial information, accounting, contracts and auxiliary documentation faithfully record the nature of the transactions that SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. performs, so that the annual accounts reflect the reality of commercial operations.

Consequently, employees and executives undertake that the information, in whose elaboration they participate, is complete, truthful and reliable.

Fair Competition: SAME SHIP SUPLIERS, S.L. believes in competition exercised in an honest, fair and loyal manner, and therefore does not admit in any case deceptive, fraudulent or malicious behavior. For what it undertakes to carry out in its companies, through its employees and managers, the operations according to the principles of healthy competition and in accordance with all applicable norms and regulations.

6 Conflicts of interest

The directors and employees of SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. will not develop behaviors or activities that could give rise to a personal benefit (direct or indirect) or any collision or conflict of interests (personal, family, of other related parties, of another employee, supplier or collaborating company), with those of the company , having to inform the company, if necessary, through the established channel.

7 Application, acceptance and disclosure

This Code of Ethics links all its personnel and managers, being extensible to any natural and / or legal person directly or indirectly related to SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, SL, when it is so convenient for the fulfillment of its purpose and is possible due to the nature of the relationship.

Employees and managers must expressly accept and ratify the principles of action established in this code.

In order that all the people who make up SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L., as well as their stakeholders, know the content of the Code of Ethics, it will be made known through the internal communication systems and disclosure channels that are relevant. It must be published on the Information web page of SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. (www.sameshipsuppliers.com) and will be subject to training, awareness and awareness for its timely understanding and implementation throughout the organization.

8 Regulatory Compliance Officer

The Head of Regulatory Compliance has among its powers:

  • Promote the dissemination, knowledge and compliance with the Code of Ethics,
  • Develop the actions related to it.
  • Solve any doubts that may arise about their interpretation.
  • Prepare an annual report on the incidents that have been communicated to it and the opinions issued in relation to compliance with the Code of Ethics.

The intervention of the Responsible for Regulatory Compliance, against possible breaches of the code, may be on its own initiative or at the request of a party.

In these cases, the Regulatory Compliance Officer:

  • Examine, investigate and rule on known irregularities.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all known information and background, as well as the actions carried out. Confidentiality will be maintained over time, unless it must be lifted by requirements established by law or express judicial requirement.

9 Obligation to inform and complaints channel

The employees and managers of SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. They have the obligation to report any irregularity in relation to compliance with this code, as well as any circumstance in which a third party could induce himself or another employee / manager of the company to contravene the Code of Ethics.

SAME SHIP SUPPLIERS, S.L. facilitates and manages the following means of communication to its employees and managers, as well as to third parties in general, in relation to compliance with the Code of Ethics:

 • Email: codigoetico@sameshipsuppliers.com

 • Web: www.sameshipsuppliers.com

 • Postal Address: C / San Martí, 62

                                 Pol. Ind. El Bovalar

                                 46970 Alaquás (Valencia) -Spain